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There's Pizza, Then There's Real Pizza

There's a pizza place in Indiana, near Fort Wayne on US 24 at the intersection of Homestead Road. Our family discovered it in the late '80s, early'90s, and it's been the absolute favorite since that time. One slice satisfies, except it tastes so good, it's hard not to keep eating. Wear your stretchy pants if you go.

Picture this: the first tasty crust in a deep-dish pan; mounds of mozzarella layered over that; second crust to encase the cheesy bit of Heaven; more mounds of mozzarella; then tantalizing toppings of any variety you choose.

This pizza is no ordinary pizza; it's Oley's.

I'm taking Kris there for his birthday in a couple weeks. He's not had it yet, and can't understand why I'm salivating already. It's okay. I'm just using his birthday as a chance to have more Oley's.

We have plenty of pizza places here in Peru, just no Oley's. I worked at Pizza Quik for four and a half years as a teenager and young adult. I loved busy Friday and Saturday nights and interacting with all the customers. Most people really are enjoyable to be around when they're getting their bellies full of pepperoni and cheese.

Pizza Quik will always be my favorite local place to eat. By the way, our kids snatch all the bread bites before we can get any. Better order two of those.

We also have Pizza King: if you love grease and salt on a cracker, this is your place to get it. Smiles cost extra.

If you want free smiles and a great pizza buffet, My Pizza My Way is the place to go.

Harvey Hinkelmeyer's keeps the whole family happy with a varied menu. I can get a big, juicy Reuben there. Kris gets whatever. The kids eat mounds of bread sticks. Kal eats enough pizza for two or three kids if we let him. "Let" is a loose term; usually, we lose count. We've learned to set his limits before the meal even starts, then there's no arguing about it later. (I've found he's much more compliant when he knows the boundaries ahead of time than when we spring them on him suddenly as he's about ready to cross a line.)

Peru also has Domino's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut. Okay, but you can get those anywhere. In any case, I'm a big fan of food I didn't have to cook, so it all tastes good to me!

Insert a longing sigh. I can't stop thinking about Oley's.


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