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Making a Mess

Kitchen Mess
Messes look nostalgic in black and white.

My kitchen looks like a crime scene if food could be a victim.

Kara and her cousins, D & T, made... (da-da-da--that's a drum roll in case it sounded different in your head as you read it) chocolate eclairs!

Wow, they were good and disappeared within a few minutes of completion. I forgot to get pictures, but they could have won a contest, and I don't mean the Nailed It food show that highlights bad cooks.

I was in the next room furiously sewing away at the bucket hats for the girls. I'll tell more about it below, but as I listened in to the conversation in the kitchen, I was so impressed by the way the girls just worked together.

Eclairs are 3 different parts: pâte à choux, filling, and sauce. They each took a part to make and did it superbly.

They fourth part, cleaning the kitchen, apparently is my gig. There were some attempts at cleaning up a little. Sigh.

At one point in their cooking process, I heard SPLAT! It was an egg that fell to the floor.

I just kept sewing. They're old enough to figure out how to clean up egg off the floor. And they did.

I have to close my eyes to a mess in the making. I simply cannot watch it happen. It messes with my head, and I start feeling the connectors in my brain go zzzt, zzzt, ZZZZZT!

But I can walk onto the scene after the destruction is complete, and whip it into shape like Supermom.


Kal caught some fish on his fishing trip with the guys on his dad's side of the family. I like that he gets time for manly things like that.

The thought of worms and fish and stink and guts makes my sick. Thankfully, moms get a pass on teaching things like fishing. Thank you, Lord.

(I'll do about anything else, but someone, please, handle that nasty worm!)

He's growing up. Of course. That's the way it should be. What I wouldn't give for another day to hold my babies in my lap and snuggle, push pause on time...

Each moment with them is precious.


I finished sewing all the bucket hats for Kara and her cousins today. In my mind, I call them bouquet hats in reference to Mrs. Bucket in the Keeping Up Appearances show. Why not sound fancy for something plain-Jane like a bucket hat?

Life is all sorts of fun when you just make it that way.

And I'll dig deep to make it that way for cleaning up the kitchen mess.


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