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There's Hot Chocolate at the End of My Rainbow

Last evening was all rainbows and hot chocolate for us. The kids and I went to a church picnic. Hay rides, campfire (can't get too many of those), pots of chili, hot dogs, apple crisp, and... hot chocolate to take off the chill.

Kal had an eating contest with another young man there. I never quite gathered who won, but I'm sure they both put in a grand effort.

Kal later ran off the three plates of food with a Nerf gun fight with the other boys there. They ran everywhere, scaring the poo out of the chickens and the old folks.

All the kids toppled and jumped in the bouncy house.

We came home with almost none of the apple crisp we brought. That's always an encouraging sign. I like it when the food I bring looks good enough that others want to eat it. Whether they ate it or tossed it, I don't know, but the pan was about empty anyway.

Rainbow over cornfield
An Indiana rainbow

As we stood out by the campfire, we saw a perfect rainbow in the Eastern sky. At times, one end was more pronounced, but it was there for a good half hour.

That, and hot chocolate with a pile of whipped cream, was yesterday's fun.

Today's fun included a visit to the dentist.

Plus the kids had a grand time coming to the shop with me for the morning. No complaints. No whining. (Choke, choke!)

I guess that wasn't quite the way it went. We're aiming for that wonderful attitude, though.


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