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The Moments of a Day

I'm sitting here, reflecting on the day. Some ups, some downs. Ended on an up note.

There are plenty of moments I'd love to redo, such as the moments of yelling at one of my children, moments of holding onto anger at Kris, and moments of growling about this or that.

Those moments are done, but more moments are added to them. The moments of asking forgiveness; the moments of making up and telling someone we love them, the moments of catching the growling and turning it to thankfulness for the abundant life we have.

We had more moments of fun: Kara's friend came over for the day, and the kids all had a blast on the trampoline, playing with water guns, riding bikes, and playing video games.

They had ice cream and brownies for an afternoon treat. (I have to let the kids eat all the brownies. Otherwise, I would do it.)

We had dinner together--never-the-same-twice chicken and vegetable stir-fry.

After Kara's friend left, we went on a family bike ride around our neighborhood. Then Kara and I walked around what we call the little loop that our house sits on.

Green caterpillar
A caterpillar who inched into my day

Kris spotted a caterpillar today. Cute little thing.

I had time on the deck this morning with coffee, birds singing everywhere. Thankfully, the birds were not singing directly over me or my coffee. Don't want that kind of creamer dropping in the cup!

Clothespin friends
Nice, little wooden friends

Kara made little clothespin friends: Eustice and Shelly.

My sister and I had a great conversation. We always do.

I cleaned my car while listening to the ABBA station on iHeart Radio. Take a Chance On Me just sounds different when you hear it while cleaning your car and finding ick and Andies mints in various crevices. The Andies mint, of course, had no wrapper. 80+F outside today.

Oh, well. My car is clean now, just not granny-clean. A granny car never has a speck in it or on it, and the carpet looks brand new.

Kal and Kara helped me whip the house into shape while Kris went out of town for some equipment he needs. Whip, whip, whip, the house looks great.

All those moments, taken together, have really added up to a fabulous day.


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