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The Lake, the Movies, and the Candy Bowl

What all do you pack into a weekend?

For the kids and me, it's been:

  • A day at the lake. Thank you to C and H for hosting a gathering at their lake house! We had a boat ride to round out the day after some fun the kids had splashing around in the water. Kal made a seaweed drumstick; Kara found a leatherback turtle; and both Kal and Kara got to drive the boat. Kal just needs aviator glasses, but he takes well to being the captain of the ship.


A seaweed drumstick by Chef Kal

With my two favorite people on Earth, my children

  • A drive-in movie. After the lake, we decided to be spontaneous and fun, something my children claim I can't be since spontaneity requires going off the calendar and fun takes money to them. We watched School of Rock, perched in the back of my car with the hatch up. Such a fun time for $10 a carload. We won't mention the concessions that cost about $20/ounce. Next time, it'll be Mom's concession stand--peanut butter sandwiches.

  • A 5K Walk/Run. I don't do these often--in fact, it's been around 10 years since I did. Tonight was a benefit for the Back-to-School event in a couple months, complete with the lights of the Riverwalk and some glow sticks. Met some nice ladies there during the walk. I don't run unless something bad is chasing me.

5K fun

  • Saving big money at Menard's. I really did save big money since I did not buy kitchen cabinets. I actually bought only those things which I had on my list. May be a first there.

  • Learning about TPR valves. Do you know what a TPR valve is? It's a safety feature with a valve and pipe on the side of the water heater that keeps scalding water from hitting the user. It's not supposed to drip, but mine does. Have to call Mr. Fix-It about it.

  • Picnicking outside at Sonic. Part of having children involves humongous amounts of food at all hours of the day and night. Kara and I went for a bite to eat out in the fresh air of this perfect day while Kal was with a buddy.

  • Finding out why people are glad using Glad trash bags. Those things stretch to infinity and beyond, and they smell good. The copycat version from Aldi just isn't the same, even though I like Aldi for most everything else.

  • Having a friend over. Kara had a nobody-sleeps-over with one of her friends. They actually did sleep, though.

  • Do you want to know why I really like to be in the office so much? Sure we have great people here with great attitudes, and a welcoming environment. But we also have... the candy bowl! I must confess to being the secret admirer of the candy bowl at the office. The secret is out. I guess I should feel more shame than I do.

And that's all for tonight. I'll write more tomorrow, plus give thanks for the servicemen and -women how have given their lives in service to our country.


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