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The Best Part of the Day

With my two favorite people in all the world

My favorite part of the day? Spending time with Kara, my lovely daughter, walking around the neighborhood. That's when she really opens up to give me a glimpse of what is on her mind. And we've been taking walks about every other day.

I also love the time with Kal in the morning. That's his soft, snuggly time when we can just enjoy each other without any bad attitudes getting in the way.

Okay, I have to interject here: just now, Kal came downstairs when he should have been in bed tonight and sat by me. We had the sweetest time talking, just enjoying being with each other. He really has a heart big enough to fill any room.

So, the best part of the day can come at different times, but it always soothes us like a calming breeze, and it has the same beautiful faces: my son's and my daughter's.


Bunn-Bunn. Our bunny heard me crinkling a bag and perked up right away. He knows the sound of his treats, treats such as spinach and celery.

So even though the crinkling was from a different bag, I couldn't bear to disappoint the little fella. He now has a tasty carrot which he grabbed out of my hand and took to the corner of his little house to feast on alone.


And it's time to carry on with the dishes. Yes, that is what moms do after midnight when we finally have a minute to catch our breath. Granted, it's not my goal to wash dishes in the middle of the night, but hey, the job is getting done.

As a side note, my children do chores. The dishes just slipped through the cracks in the chore list today. Oh, well. It's just part of life.


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