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Swimming In Orthodontist Appointments

We had a surprise day getting a new retainer for one of my children. I had to take both. The child who didn't break his/her retainer was absolutely thrilled to give up tennis for the day to come along. Kris is back at work after two weeks of vacation, so no staying with Daddy for the day.

The orthodontist is an hour away, so we had impressions in the morning, and a new retainer in the afternoon. Instead of going home, and coming back again, we found some things to do in the meantime.

Dog-n-Suds and swimming at my brother- and sister-in-law's house made the trip bearable for the kids.

None of us care how junky the food is at Dog-n-Suds, it's still the treat after visiting the orthodontist since there's not one in Peru, IN. Mmm... thinking of their Chicago dogs now.

Kids in pool
They love the pool.

The day was perfect for swimming--at least in the Midwest. I even got in the pool at the behest of my children.

More like begging. Behest sounds like a polite request. "Oh, dear Mother, we beseech thee to join in the the watery fun of our pool playtime, provided you are disposed to the idea."

No, I wasn't disposed, but moms do lots of things we're not disposed to just because we want to make good memories with our children.

That's enough swimming for the year for me. I don't care to be all wet except enough to clean up in the shower.

Besides the car trip--and boy, did we make that a trip--Kara had a nest of two blankets, two pillows, various other devices for her comfort, and a basket of snacks--besides the car trip, Kara had gymnastics camp today. She and her friend love tumbling through life together.

I took a spin on the bike; Kris and I walked the same route later.

Breakfast food for dinner and crashing on the sofa rounded out the day.

I needed to sew lots of dresses today, and I never even got one stitch in. That's fine. In the end, all the dresses get finished, but I love the memories we make as a family and the time we spend together--even the snippy times.

There's no car in the world big enough to separate two children determined to snip at each other.


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