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Super Powers, Sofa Candy, and Success

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Step aside, Supers. I just discovered a super power I have.

It turns out, I am quite adept at burning up engines. I don't even have to try--the ability just comes naturally.

If you could see me, you would see that I'm blushing with appropriate humility--or maybe just sheer embarrassment for having 2 burnt-up engines on my record!

And don't even ask how this latest story came about. I couldn't have made it up if I tried. Just know it involves terror, prayer, and limping to safety before my car completely gave up the ghost.

If I ever get married again, I'm pretty sure the 2 destroyed engines will have to be in the disclosures for the gentleman. He'll need to know what he's signing up for. Sorry, dude.

On the sunny side, at least this isn't an ordinary, everyday problem for me. Only once every 5+ years. That's not so bad.

Anyway, smoothing down my ruffled feathers, ahem...


The kids went back to school this week after National Month and a Half of Sugar came to an official end when everyone either ate or dumped the last of the sugar cookies left from Christmas.

We may still be finding Hershey kisses down in the sofa in February, but hey! Just in time for Valentine's Day. Stick those sweet morsels back in the candy bowl after picking off the lint. Good to go.

Okay, if you know me in real life, you know that's totally not me. I don't have to have prissy clean all the time, but I don't get as gross as recycling sofa candy.


Kara and I spent a few days over New Year's with my sister and her husband (C & W) in Wisconsin. It's always a fun trip, and always includes the best cheese curds I've ever tasted.

Alas, Glen's Market was closed, and so was Kramer's, for the holidays. One of my nieces suggested Piggly Wiggly, or Wiggly Piggly if you like being all funny, and (cue rays of light and angels singing) they had the Kramer's brand at least! Oh, what joy at last!

All along the raceway back to Indiana, Kara and I snack on cheese curds and meat sticks. By now, we've done it enough times that it's a tradition.


And a totally random train of thought--by now, you can see that randomness is a theme in some posts--I have some thoughts on success.

Success doesn't usually come in a shiny package delivered by a page and heralded by trumpets.

More often than not, you look back and realize you have been successful in a goal or ideal and accomplished it, or a large portion of it, without realizing exactly when you crossed that line.

Success came in the small, daily habits or routines that you established to build to the goal. By showing up every day, or nearly every day, you stepped toward that goal imperceptibly until suddenly you were there.

And then there's no confetti falling from the sky, but you pause to enjoy a sense of achievement, then turn right back toward the next set of goals or ideals.

Take joy in the journey. Grow. Stretch. Become better. Become a cheerleader for others around you.

Success ends up being a habit of little steps all pointed in the right direction.


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