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Sunny, Snowy, and a Sunny Card

It's a beautiful, sunny, snowy, 7-degrees-Fahrenheit day. I live in a state with 4 distinct seasons. Sometimes those seasons land all in one week. For now, we're definitely in winter.

I love how the fresh snow blankets everything and covers over all the dirt and gray. The whole world becomes bright and light, which is how I like anything.

The sunshine and bright white snow rejuvenate me.

So does a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, but that's not where I am. I'm in Indiana in February, so I'll take any sort of rejuvenation I can get.

Here's my happy, unstinky house in Winter. Also, Mr. Frosty is staying on my porch as long as he needs to. His huge plastic grin puts a smile on my face during the dreary months.

Beautiful, cold, white snow

During a short walk--and walks in Winter are short because noses and toeses start freezing in the single-digit temperatures--I took a picture of one of the many trees draped in fresh snow.

Only God can make such beauty

Recently, I had a nice card from a friend. The saying on the front, though, is one that I will keep forever, a good reminder for anybody.

Remember George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life? He had the gift of seeing what a difference he actually made in the lives of so many people. Remember that if you start doubting your worth in the lives of the people around you.

You Make the World a Better Place


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