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Sunny Monday

Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day...

Wait, that's not the right song for the day. It's a beautiful, sunny morning with the promise of Spring in the air!

Daffodil sprouts
Happy little daffodils

The birds are making an appearance outdoors, along with their cheerful whistling. Some places are taking on a green tint with new grass. Not our yard because we really don't have much grass to speak of, but the neighbors do.

Every morning feels like a brand new slate. What will I write today?

My schedule and lists for starters. Lists give me the same feeling as clean undies for the day. They make me feel put together at the core. All that while I'm drinking a cup of hot coffee. Hot. For real. In a mug that matches the mood of the day.

I'm still surrounded by the dishes that need a new home, here or elsewhere, from the china cabinet yesterday. That's one job.

I also want to PAINT THE BOOKCASES. That was supposed to be yesterday's priority. Today's a new day to do, do, do while enjoying that warm air.

Days like this make me glad for the five senses. All the sights, smells, sounds, and touch of Spring are delightful. I won't say taste because I haven't gone outside to eat the dirt, but you get my drift.

So, on to a glorious new start to the week. I hope your day is just as lovely.


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