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Sump Pump Season

Flooded street corner
This was AFTER the waters had abated some.

Sump pump season. I thank the Lord every time I hear it turn on, which is all the time right now. I half-expect to see Noah's Ark float by here.

Actually, the bigger problem at our house with days of rain is that our lot needs to be re-engineered for water drainage. There's no water puddling at the house, just around the perimeter. We need a tile to tie into one of the creeks around here.


Update: I wrote this yesterday, the internet flipped out again, and we had somebody out here to look at the water problem.

Today, the county surveyor came by, and in 20 seconds, cleared out some blockage from the neighbor's driveway drain, and hurray, we had water flowing downhill into that tile, down the line into a creek.

I felt pretty stupid after that.

We still need to redo the tile at the end of our drive and grade the ditch for proper water flow.

Fun times as homeowners.


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