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Summer Fun as an Engineer

Being an engineer is either an inherent trait, or it's just not there at all. I breezed through spatial-thinking classes, a.k.a. drafting, because my mind can see beyond the surface of an object to project what the other views will be.

An engineer solves problems.

Now, instead of working with aluminum, steel, and glass buildings, I engineer strapless wedding dresses to stay put, defying gravity, through the use and abuse of a ceremony and wild reception. And make it look like the dress had always fit like a glove.

I've been to plenty of weddings (in which I did not do the the gown alterations) where the bride fought all day and night with the possibility of showing off more of herself than she intended because of an improper fit.

It's a pet peeve of mine to see the constant tugging and pulling on a badly-fitted dress. A lady doesn't have to tug and pull at something that fits well.

On the dress topic, I finished the last prom dress at midnight on Friday (well, by that time, it's very early Saturday morning) for prom the next day. Prom has looked much different this year, but there are still several going on this summer.

Every year, I say I don't want to repeat this prom rush scenario. Every year, I repeat this prom rush scenario. It's a short, but exhausting, phase of the year. Bridal work lasts all year, though, so while proms are about done, and by extension, all the pretty dresses that accompany it, the brides will be getting all my attention now.


What to cook for dinner? That was the question at 6:00 as I stared into a freezer full of meat.

In the end, I boiled some chicken breasts long enough to dice them, added a boatload of seasoning salt and garlic, and most of a bag of egg noodles, and viola (the exclamation, not the instrument), chicken noodles in a hurry. That and corn-on-the-cob made the meal.


We had more storms today that knocked out power to my shop when a nearby utility pole snapped. Thank the Lord, nobody was hurt in the fire that started next door as a result.

Mr. B had to agree to come tomorrow for his clothing. I had no way to iron, and I sure as the famously hot place, am not going to send anything out the door that needs to be pressed or steamed.


Even with summer looking a bit ridiculous this year, we're managing to have some fun during these days where chairs stick to your buns.

  • We've gone swimming in the lake and pools many times.

  • The kids have the trampoline.

  • The kids camped in the backyard.

  • We've had bookworm days.

  • The kids have made all sorts of sewing projects.

  • Tennis every day for Kal, gymnastics camp for Kara .

  • Kal drove a boat and caught a fish.

  • The kids went tubing.

  • Ice cream every day, or almost every day, from one of the great establishments in town, or from our freezer.

  • Friends to play for the day, and sometimes to spend the night.

  • Free movies on Tuesdays.

  • Dental cleanings. (See my ploy to sneak that into a list of fun. How soon will my kids catch on?

And there's plenty more, but I'm falling asleep.


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