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Squeaky Clean Teeth and Calendar Life

While Miss Amber, the dental hygienist, was cleaning my teeth today, I suddenly thought of what her tools would do to my shower. I hate cleaning showers. There are no magic bubbles; Mr. Clean doesn't show up. It takes power tools to grind that gunk off the shower stall.

I will give a nod to Norwex, though. Their shower cleaner is the closest to magic I've ever seen.

Back on the tooth topic, Kal has lost two baby molars in the past two days. As soon as one gets loose, he works at it until it's out. He makes a game of it. Shortest time is an hour or so.

He looks like part of a crime scene when it's over, but apparently the sight of blood doesn't bother him a bit.

I actually have to get back to looking at calendars again. I'm starting in on appointments again for my business.

I only remembered to go to the dentist today because I happened to look at my calendar, my old-fashioned paper and pencil calendar. It works for me better overall in normal times. This isn't a normal time.

Remember Palm Pilots? They were cutting-edge technology in 2000. I had it and the gadgets. I carefully put in my plans, learned the stylus alphabet for it, corrected mistakes all the time, then scrapped it.

Paper and pencil work the best for me. Writing is more satisfying than typing. I love the feel of a Pilot or Sharpie pen on a clean sheet of paper.

Except for today's nearly-missed appointment, I don't want a phone dinging at me all the time telling me what to do.

So, we're back to checking calendars every day now.

I love my squeaky clean teeth. Thank you, Miss Amber!


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