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Snowy Tranquility

Fresh Snow

I pity the people who never get to experience the tranquility of a fresh snowfall. All is silent and still. The snow feels like a blanket over the landscape, keeping everything cozy until it melts.

Snow in very cold weather (such as 0 degrees) has a beautiful crunch sound when you walk on it. Snow in mild weather is good for making snowmen.

The snow here is in mild weather, so Kal has made sure to pelt snowballs at everyone he can. I've been the lucky recipient three or four times.

The kids have been playing in the snow since we came home from church this morning. They only came in for lunch, then were back out playing with the neighbor kids.

Lunch was chicken and noodles. We had rotisserie chickens to use. I picked off the meat and boiled the bones, which made a tasty broth. I made egg noodles to go with it. Nothing tastes quite as good as homemade egg noodles in chicken broth on a cold day.

Today doesn't really qualify as a cold day, though. Cold means 20 degrees (F) or lower. I have family in South Carolina who might disagree, but that's fine. Cold there is 50 degrees (F) or lower.

I plan to hang cabinet handles and some hooks during the afternoon. Then tonight is the start of practices for the community choir which will be performing in March. I love the sound of blended voices.

Later tonight, who knows? It'll be perfect popcorn, hot chocolate, jigsaw puzzle, and book weather. The perfect ending to a tranquil, snowy Sunday.

Note: This is how I make egg noodles: 1 egg to 1 cup of flour. Add some salt. I don't measure. Either knead by hand or use the dough hook on the KitchenAid mixer. I doubled the recipe, plus threw in an extra egg and more flour. I added a small bit of water, but it doesn't need much. Knead it until it has a nice, smooth texture. Roll it out with lots of flour until the dough is thin. Then roll up the dough to make a snake; cut it in small strips, then pop each strip into boiling broth. Yum!


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