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Smiling Houses

A pretty house from

Just a quick thought today: I notice in movies that houses seem dull and drab, dreary even, when the woman in the story is gone. Maybe the wife dies, or the man hasn't met the woman yet, or something else happens to the woman, and the house just looks sad and gloomy.

We saw that scenario yet again in a show we watched tonight which started me down that thought trail.

I've noticed the same in real life. Houses are sad when the wife/mom/girlfriend is gone or just hasn't gotten there yet.

  • My husband had some woman's touches around his apartment before I met him because his mom set up a few things. Other than that, it was a cave-like bachelor pad.

  • My sister's husband had his chair, TV, guitar, and cans of beans when she married him. His sad, little house perked right up when she moved in.

  • My friend's husband had the same type of setup: chair, TV, and soda crackers, until she came along and perked him and his house right up.

  • My brother's house looks happy now that he has a wonderful girlfriend.

Something about a good woman around perks up the home. Maybe it's lights, candles, real food, a little more cleanliness, and good smells. Maybe it's just the feminine presence. I don't quite know. All I have are observations of the same scenario that play out the same way every time.

The house itself just smiles when the lady comes home.


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