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Six Years Later

Today has been a quiet day for us, one of reflection, even though it's the day after our son, Bruce, would have been 6 years old had he not been stillborn.

Yesterday had enough other activity going on that reflection just wasn't the mood for the day, though he was most certainly on our minds.

We don't do big, flashy things to celebrate or remember. Maybe other people would. We just... remember.

We cry when we think about him. We wonder what life would be like now. We look at ornaments on the tree that are about him.

I still can't pull out the drawer full of memorabilia from him. Cards. His blankets, booties, and bonnet. His footprints and hand prints. Hospital papers. I can't handle those things, not yet, anyway.

I just like to think of what he would be like and how Kal and Kara would be as big brother and big sister, knowing that one day, we will be reunited with him in Heaven.

This ornament, given to us after we lost him, perfectly captures our sentiment.


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