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Saying Yes to the Best

The heavens declare the glory of God!

This is the view above my head as I write. The past week has been so full of classes, travel, and just keeping our home life together that I have neglected writing. I didn't want to; it just had to give this week.

I've also had showings and sewings. Sewings is the new word my friend, C, made up. It rhymes nicely with showings, so I'm keeping it.

The sewings have to do with a shop in the next town that I committed to for taking care of mother-of-the-bride alterations on fancy, expensive dresses. The sewings also includes finishing up with the brides from last year who had to move their weddings to this year.

So, sewings are part of my life still, just not anywhere near the volume I was dealing with when I had my alterations shop.

Speaking of that, I have no regrets whatsoever with closing it. Even though I miss the brides and happy smiles, I remember all too well the many, many, many nights I worked through the night without even a wink of sleep because brides were coming the next day, and I had to have their dresses ready. I remember having to say no to time with my children and husband because I had dresses to finish. I remember the mental strain of the constant, unrelenting parade of deadlines, and simply getting through each day by focusing all my energy on one dress at a time, the next one in line.

It was absolutely right at this point in my life to close the shop. I only have one chance to raise my own children, and I'm not giving that up.


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