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Ricochet Days

Remember yesterday how I was talking about a plan for the day?

Hehe. Plan.

At 7:00 this morning, the orthodontist's office called and said they had an opening today for Kal to get in since he couldn't make his appointment from last week.

So, out with the plan, adjust to a new plan. I took Kal in for his appointment an hour away, an hour there, an hour back, plus a few extra minutes for Dog-n-Suds. That's the fun place to go after a not-fun orthodontist visit.

The orthodontist and all his staff are great; it's just, by nature, not a fun trip.

Dog-n-Suds fixes so many grumpies, though. The Charco Bacon Cheeseburger is what Kal had. And what greasy, tasty, bacon-y, cheesy burger won't sooth the grumpies? Heaven on a bun.

I must be hungry to be describing food that way.

I finally went to the grocery store after school today. I've limped along for weeks, dreading the big stock-up trip. Kal and Kara have had to suffer with their second favorite foods instead of first favorites.

The house is sorely missing its mommy. I've been crazy busy this past week with all the planned and unplanned events. May I have just a couple hours to un-tornado the house, please? I've been doing it in little bits every day, but it feels like a tidal wave of house and yardwork.

No matter. It all gets done at some point, even just using the little bits of time available. It's almost a game.

Okay, I have 3 minutes before the ______ is ready, so what can I get done in that time?

Those bits of time can add up to being a half-way decent house.

Disclaimer: I have children who are capable of handling themselves without minute supervision now, and they can help--under duress--to clean the house. I've been through the baby/toddler/little kid stage where it seemed almost impossible to get anything done that wasn't immediately destroyed by our beautiful, beloved children.

Even now, we fight dirt on floors multiple times a day. That's just life for now.

Plans, torn up plans, change of plans, ricochet plans. Clean house, sort-of clean house, destroyed house. Clean kids, messy kids, helpful kids, help-if-you-know-what's-good-for-you kids.

Life is full of endless variety.


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