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Random Housekeeping Thoughts

The dishwasher is humming peacefully. I swept up the crumbs that were sticking to my feet. The table and counters are clean. It's way past midnight, but that's normal for lots of moms.

Keeping house feels like another full-time job. I love my home, though. I love the people in it. Dirty laundry and dishes are just signs of life around here.

We forgot to set trash out at the curb today. Maybe I should have made a list.

Lists. Ahhh... That's my love language. It's not one of the five official love languages, so I just made it up.

Lists help me unscramble my mind and calm down. I love listing goals, projects, tasks, groceries, menus, mortgage amortization schedules, and so on.

Doing what's on the lists? Well, that's where overcoming inertia comes in. "An object at rest tends to stay at rest." That's the reason my evening is over if I "just lay down for 5 minutes on the sofa." End of night.

Some days, I'll push through the Jello phase of the day, which starts at 7:00 p.m. for me, then I'll finish closing the day for the house. That is mainly making sure the kitchen is clean, the kids' trails are picked up, and laundry is folded.

Other days? I just don't always live up to those standards. Everything gets done regularly, though, so I'm not too hard on myself.


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