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Productive Procrastination

I just read this blog post from my sister about the goodbyes that you never get to say as a mother: goodbye to one phase, hello to another. You don't realize at the time that it's the last time you or your child will be doing that particular thing.


I end most days feeling rather guilty for being grumpy after 8:30. I feel my line of tolerance hitting by 8:00, then by 8:30, I've had all I can take of the day. Quite wrongly of me, I become grumpy putting my children to bed.

Even now writing this, I got up to go apologize to Kara since she was still awake. Children are so forgiving, and I don't want my grumpiness being the last thing on her mind as she goes to sleep.


Self-reflection moment: I'm finding all sorts of thing to do besides just load and start the dishwasher. Productive procrastination describes it. I dread one thing, so I find something, anything, to fill the time instead.

What's so hard about loading the dishwasher? Nothing. Why am I doing this?

Putting it off doesn't make the task go away. It just gets harder; food gets dried on like cement.


  • How long since we checked the salt in the softener?

  • Maybe the garage floor needs a sweep.

  • I should chop off those dangling limbs while I'm thinking about it.

  • Is that a room to paint over there?

See? Productive procrastination.


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