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Piles of Onions and A Cup of Coffee

Guess what fun I've been having lately? Sometimes the fun is more imagined than obvious, but here it is:

  • Anticipating, then taking, an undignified and large bite of spinach artichoke dip, only to find it infested with onions. Why is it that people who love onions can't taste them in anything, but people who hate onions can taste them in everything? Ask your nearest onion-hater if you don't believe me. My wonderful family and friends who make heaps of food loaded with onions are so surprised to find I actually can taste them. Sigh.

  • Reading through 48 pages of a contract for a client. Fascinating, but not quite as engaging as a Charles Dickens novel. I slogged through to the last line on the last page: alive, whole, and with a reasonable understanding of the contents, but feeling rather parched and dry.

  • Giving out helpful, frequent reminders to my children. A couple posts back, I defined that term as nagging, though I'd like to think of it more positively. They are, at this moment, folding the mounds of clean laundry piled high on the recliner. The recliner holds about 5 loads before the clothing avalanche starts.

  • Watching my children put away the laundry they just folded. Put away is a loose term. Put away implies that the items are, indeed, put away where they belong. Tossed-into-the-appropriate-bedroom-with-no-thought-to-the-landing-thereof is more factual.

  • Hearing Bunny nibble at various pieces of our house. This time, it was the quarter round 'round the baseboard. I caught him before he did any real damage. Big, fluffy nugget with teeth. And ears. He hears everything, but he acts like he's not listening unless we crinkle the spinach bag. He's the bunny version of a cat, even down to the condescending attitude he gives when he doesn't wish to be bothered by his humans.

  • Hearing my children laugh and play. That's always a joy. I think our whole house breathed a sigh of relief with school starting and the institution of routines again. Everyone is happier. Especially this momma who loves schedules and lists and routines and boxes and organizers and lines and stacks and squares. My mind doesn't work in squiggles.

  • Having a cup of coffee from 6th Street Coffee today. I have to talk myself into spending $1.50 on a medium cup of happy from 6th Street. It's easy to spend money on the kids, but when it comes to a treat for myself, I really weigh whether I like the treat more than cash in my pocket. The treat won out today.

  • Learning. Learning anything. I love learning.

  • Meeting wonderful, new people all throughout this week. People help make my world go 'round. New faces, new smiles, new stories, new connections. Life is sweeter with people. I hope I've made a few smiles for those I've met this week.

  • Windows down, hair flying weather.

  • Watching my almost-11-year-old daughter bop around the living room. She loves to dance and move. Today's dancing was a rather good imitation of a chicken.

  • Seeing my porch flowers perk up. It's amazing what happens when I remember to water them.

  • Hearing my dishwasher running. And the washer. And the dryer. My, but I love modern conveniences.

  • Smelling the clean in my house. During the summer, the cleanliness of our house was a little iffy. A lot iffy. On Day 1 of school, which was yesterday, I tore through the house like a reverse tornado, restoring order, calm, and good smells again to my domicile.

  • Kisses and hugs from my favorite people on earth: my children.

Life is beautiful.


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