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People Make Life Special

What do you do on a perfect Sunday?

Have buddies over to play! Kal and Kara had fun visiting friends that haven't been over here for awhile.

Kara, our resident baker, made coconut macaroons. So easy with egg whites, vanilla, sugar, and coconut; then bake. Great for gluten-free people (which we're not), but yummy for anyone.

Now as I face the end of the day, actually, it feels like staring down a barrel, I'm seeing all the things I didn't do yet to set up our house and family for the week.

I didn't:

  • Go to the grocery store. It means the first favorites of everything is wiped out right now. Lentils, anyone?

  • Clean the house. I've cleaned parts. I've napped a bit. I've sewn a few projects that had to be done. I've made food. We've made messes. The kids have helped sporadically pick up their own trails... sort of.

  • Pay the bills. It's on my calendar. I remembered all week. Then Friday and Saturday flew by, and I didn't do it. Most bills are on auto-draft, but the few that aren't are still waiting on me to log in and just pay the darn things.

  • Dust mop the floor. Bunny has been shedding what looks like enough fur to stuff a pillow. It all blows into the corners and under the furniture of the main room. I thought I'd never have pet hair in my house because I was never going to have an indoor pet. Sigh. Bunny stays, though. We love him.

  • Finish the laundry. Again, it's done in parts. I recently had a load that needed to be washed 3 times in that many days. I'd wash it, then forget it was in there.

What I did do?

  • Have a good morning in church surrounded by people who love the Lord and are trying to follow Him.

  • Have a wonderful visit with a friend as our children played.

  • I spent time with my family.

  • Kris and I chatted with a wonderful neighbor.

  • We watched a family friend give a fabulous concert along with a group of musicians.

  • I also caught up with another couple of friends, and saw and interacted with many others I know, and some I don't, today.

As I think back on the day, the people coming and going and staying (my family) were what made the day so special. All that other housework does get done eventually. I keep up with it, just not always on my the timetable I set up in my head before each day begins.


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