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This past week has brought a wide variety of people across my path. That's normal. What's not normal is my taking note of it. I don't know what triggered the thought, but here it is.

Most were already in my life from some point in the past; some are brand new.

Throughout this week, I've interacted with:

  • My children--of course. Time with them is golden. We have had some great conversations using a pack of conversation cards from Dr. John Delony, (Just so you know, I'm not getting any kickback for posting the link; I just love these cards for the fun and interesting conversations they spur.)

  • My office family. Love all the ladies and the couple gents at the office. The office is a happy place. Plus it smells good.

  • My family family. Mom, Dad, brothers, and sisters. Never can get enough of them.

  • My church people.

  • Friends. "New friends are silver; old friends are gold." These are friends who have been with me through the good, bad, and ugly. One of this set even looks like me, so we are mistaken for each other, or sisters, all the time.

  • New friends. Friends found through all the spheres in life.

  • Lots of existing clients.

  • Several new clients.

  • The mail lady, the UPS man, the bank ladies.

  • The neighbor lady; the neighbor man.

  • Cashiers and shoppers in all the stores I've visited. "Visit" sounds like I'm checking in with a friend instead of blowing cash.

  • The cast and crew of the play I'm participating in now. What a great bunch of new friends there! We share lots of laughs at every rehearsal. Sometimes we share tears, too.

  • The professional world--title company magicians, loan officers (also magicians), inspectors, and other real estate agents. I don't deal directly with underwriters or appraisers. All I know is I don't want to make them mad in my world.

  • Community people.

  • Little babies with squishy cheeks and bright eyes.

  • An 8-year-old boy that showed me how to play swords. Yes, I'm over 40 and learned how to sword fight. I had to hop around like the unfortunate fella in Monty Python, who kept losing limbs to flesh wounds, whenever an opponents' padded blade struck one of my limbs. In all the years growing up with brothers, I don't remember sword fighting. Lots of wrestling, tattling, and getting into trouble together, but not sword fighting. Never too late to learn.

  • The group from my parents' church. Had a fabulous weekend with them at the campground. Made some new connections with great people.

  • Several ladies going through extremely difficult--straight up toxic--relationships.

  • Electricians. Thank you, thank you for your work!

  • My children's friends. I love seeing them develop relationships.

  • Tired mothers and fathers with sick children.

  • People I agree with on some point; people with whom I disagree.

  • Many more people on social media, emails, phone, and text.

As I think back on the week, and all the people that intersected it at some point, I am amazed at the variety. Then I start wondering:

  • Did I have a good impact on them? Was their day better because I lifted them up or cheered them on?

  • What are all these people experiencing right now that nobody can see because they hide it?

If you are someone from my week, please know that I noticed you and am thankful to have you in my life!


The kids are stirring for the day, getting ready for school.

I remember when they were little--their waking-up noises. It's strange to compare that time to now. They get ready for the day by themselves.

I kind of miss being needed.

I guess the needs change to more mental and emotional guidance as they grow older instead of physical help with daily tasks and maintenance.

Both are taller or the same height as I am now. Every other day, Kara sidles up and measures herself against me, making me take off any shoes that give an advantage. I remember doing this to my mom.

Surpassing Mom in height is a right of passage, I guess.


The clock is chiming, telling us it's time to move for the day. What a gift is each new day!

Who will be in this day? I can't wait to find out!


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