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Parades, the Circus, and More

How many people get to lead a parade? I do!

It wasn't actually a real parade with clowns and candy, bands and toilet paper floats. It was really a parade of cars through the construction zone.

Maybe I wasn't feeling very charitable at the time, but I set cruise control for 45 miles-per-hour, then just sat back and enjoyed the scenery as we crawled past miles upon miles of glowing orange construction barrels.

Very soon, I had a mile-long line of cars behind me, parade style--just without the toilet paper flowers.

If I'd seen passersby, I would have given them a princess wave and a gleaming smile.


Kara and Kal are getting some great lake time in this summer, thanks to Aunt C & Uncle H. I see the biggest grins on their faces when they're splashing in the water.


Kal just came back from the Circus City Days that our town has every year. It's a street fair that accompanies the week-long circus performances. He's not feeling so great after going 90mph on the rides and feeling his skin fly off his face. That, plus a pile of sugar and grease from the fair food, and he's a bit green in the gills.


We're sweeping up fur balls every day that are as big as our bunny. Major shedding. Even with all that, he still has fur so thick we can't get through it to see his skin.


Circus act
Flipping around with the greatest of ease

It's a new day, rather a new night, since I didn't get this posted yesterday. Kara and I watched the circus again tonight with friends. Amazing!

Circus act
Grace and poise high in the air

It's heart-stopping action watching these young men and women flip around on the trapeze high up in the air! Then they ride bikes on high wires and have others balanced on their shoulders, then another on top of the second.

The entire circus is performed by Miami County kids with an army of parents and past performers running throughout the entire performance changing the rigging for each act. Some of them are also trainers.

Naturally, we got our once-yearly fair food. Elephant ears are just the best. I need to try the funnel cakes, though, to double-check that elephant ears still hold the best-fair-food slot.

We saw people we know. Yay! That's a nice feature of a small town.

We saw scary people we don't know. Eee! Maybe those people are nice, but it seems like grease and sugar from brightly-painted food trucks and fast rides on semi trucks bring out a certain crowd that I feel better seeing at a distance.

The older I get, the less I like crowds.

And now, time for this circus at our house to go to bed.


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