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P.D.Q. Who?

My kids got a taste of P.D.Q. Bach today. He is personified by Peter Schinkele and was a favorite of ours when we were growing up.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (or symphoney may be more accurate) becomes a musical baseball game when it's been P.D.Q.ed.

Who is P.D.Q. Bach, you ask? Even if you're not asking, I'm telling.

P.D.Q. Bach is the fictional character from the family of Bachs whose undiscovered works are being revived by Peter Schinkele. The works are musical parodies and mash-ups. It's a delightful way to be introduced to classical music if you're not familiar with it yet.

Bugs Bunny is another way to be introduced to classical music, too, but that's a subject for another day.

Anyway, here's the video link for P.D.Q.'s version of Beethoven's Fifth:

In other news, we keep cleaning out the layers of waste all over our woods. Neighbors walking by have mentioned they've never seen that bit of land cleaned up. Makes us feel good to be putting it in order.

If we lived in the middle of nowhere, we would let it just be woods, and let the tree debris fall wherever it falls, but with our lot being on a corner with a stop sign, I want drivers and walkers/bikers to see each other clearly. My own children are often those walkers and bikers.


I thought I could finish all that this morning, but I didn't, so now it's 9:30something and I'm finishing up this post.

I had to move appointments again this week for my business. Hopefully, we can finally open back up on May 1st.

I had a nice time wandering up and down the grocery aisles, and I still managed to forget the root beer for the floats Kara wanted to make. Maybe tomorrow.

Wandering isn't quite the right word; really, I was just enjoying being in a public place again, not rushing through in a mad dash to get everything I needed. Grocery shopping is the highlight of my week, for going out anyway.

The real highlight is being with my kids all the time. Very tiring, but I don't regret one minute we've had together.


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