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One Year With Jesus

Jordan Isaac Slack 1990-2020

March 15th marks the day my brother Jordan died unexpectedly one year ago.

Our family has gathered for the past few days to spend time together commemorating him. Yesterday was an open house for friends as well since we weren't able to have a proper visitation for him last year, right at the start of Covid mess-ups.

Jordan had numerous physical and mental limitations as we would call them. But today I realized he had no limits in other areas where most people learn to be extremely limited over time.

He had unlimited smiles and laughter. He was unlimited by any fears of what others would think of him. He had limitless contentment and trust.

Now, in Heaven, he knows no more bounds on his body and mind.

Mark, our brother, wrote a note about Jordan: "My favorite memory of Jordan is his smile. He would look at me and have a big smile on his face. He never seemed to get upset at anyone, or anything. He is going to be missed by all of us here on earth, but he is having the time of his life now, free to run, free to dance and sing."


The weekend has been a flurry of activity and fun family time. Our family ladies and the church ladies banded together to make a boatload of food. Enough cookies for about a dozen per person.

My sister surprised us with DeRozier's donuts this morning. 3 dozen of them. I kept out a couple for Kal and Kara who were already at school when she came. They had their donuts at lunch time with me in the car. It was a special one-on-one time with each of them during their lunch slots. Best part of my day.

Too pretty to capture the mess this was

I had attempted to make fake donuts for our company on Saturday morning with refrigerator biscuits fried in oil and flopped about in powdered sugar. It worked so much better in my head than in real life, though we did finally have some edible versions of it after we regulated the oil to cook the dough rather than just burn the outside, leaving the inside completely dough-y.

Also, imagine, if you will, the combination of 3 pre-teen girls, powdered sugar, and enthusiasm in the kitchen. Now imagine a powdered sugar explosion. That was Saturday morning: sticky everything with the scent of burning dough and hot oil permeating the air.

Back to today: two of my beautiful nieces helped make chocolate-dipped strawberries for the family dinner. They were tasty--and so is the rest of my kitchen. I'm finding chocolate smears in every obscure location. Good memories with them.

Our day was punctuated by sleet. Not a welcome weather condition after we've already seen the crocuses and daffodils popping out of the ground.

Ice whiskers on stop sign
Ice whiskers

The sleet made what looks like whiskers on every road sign, as in this stop sign I photographed.

Rocker baby shoes
Adam Van Halen

Also, have you ever seen cuter baby shoes? This is on little Adam, quite a rockin' baby.

Mr. Bunny, Leo the bunny, has had an overwhelming amount of love over the past weekend. That just means he poos more. Just an amateur observation.

On to more bunny news: he's scheduled this Thursday for his special emasculating vet visit. We tell him he's going to get tutored. He can't respond, so he just goes poo.


So, the past few days have been fun and exhausting, full of love and life, and I've totally missed my daily goal of writing for that time. I wouldn't trade the family time and baby cuddles we've had, though. It was simply irreplaceable.


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