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My Fountains of Noise & A Trip to the River's Edge

My favorite times with my children are when they are calming down for sleep or waking up. Their noise machines haven't kicked in for the day yet, and they're still and quiet.

Still and quiet is where I can think and appreciate what is around me.


I did something dumb. Completely forgot an appointment. And there's no excuse.

No bunny ate my paper calendar where my life is laid out day-by-day. I just forgot. This is the moment for the hand-smack-to-the-face emoji.

On a side note, some days I feel like I am on the phone all day long. Yesterday's tally:

  • 33 text message threads, besides about a dozen I deleted. Some threads included dozens of texts back and forth;

  • 46 incoming and outgoing phone calls;

  • 56 email threads.

Not all days are this way, and I don't keep tallies all the time. Just every once in awhile for fun.

Call it Nerd Fun. Nerds like counting things.


I think I speak for all moms of young children, teens, and pre-teens, that our ears hurt from the noise. I try to plateau into another world in my mind when my beautiful fountains of noise erupt in random noises.

My yelling to be quiet does nothing to promote peace and quiet. So I remind them of the mother's curse: that they will one day have children just like themselves.

Then I go back into the mental plateau to ride out the noise. Maybe I should record it for one day when the quiet is as strong a force as the noise is now.

Right now, my body and brain are screaming: Sensory Overload!


Kal and I needed some time to decompress for the day whilst Kara was flipping around at her circus practice. We went to Seven Pillars.

It's a rock formation southeast of Peru, Indiana, that was important to the Indians in this area. Such a beautiful place.

Kal and I just stood by the water's edge; he threw in rocks, and I listened to the birds and flowing water. It was a time to cast into the water all the cares and any angry or harmful thoughts of the day and let the river take them away.

The water was up high, much higher than normal. Several spots of trees are currently standing in the water instead of on the banks. Those trees just stood rooted in one place as if they couldn't be phased--just like we are when we stand on Christ our Rock.

Seven Pillars, Miami County, Indiana

A beautiful dandelion by the river


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