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Mothering and Flowers

Each new phase in mothering leaves me feeling inadequate to handle the problems the kids are facing, thus leaning heavily on the Lord for knowing how to advise them. The problems at this point are mostly in dealing with interpersonal relationships, or friends, if you want the simple term.

I pray and try my best to point my children in the right direction. That's all I can do.


The best part of today was holding my little nephew. He was konked out after a busy day, and I soaked up those moments with him just like I did when my own children were that little.

I remember so many times being tired as a new mom, worn out from very little sleep, and still the baby just needed my attention. Even in that groggy state, I had a sense that the holding time was very limited. And it was.

Now Kal and Kara are too big to pick up and hold as we used to do.


Today was just barely over 40F degrees, which means windows down, coats off, and we're off to buy fresh flowers from the grocery store bin because the first hint of Spring is in the air, and my dining table needs to reflect that.

Nothing says Spring quite like hothouse flowers--a nice mix of white and pale yellow daisies.


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