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"Mom, You're Old" and Other Fun Parenting Times

My Saturday morning was chaotic. I did a little work from home while drinking coffee as it slowly morphed from hot and refreshing to tepid and meh.

Meanwhile, the air in our house was filled with Child 1 saying something--anything--or making random, loud noises, and Child 2 reacting loudly; repeat all that to infinity. In case you're wondering, it didn't remind me of the heavenly angels having a pleasant conversation.

Child 1 ate the donuts reserved for Child 2, so Child 2 made cheater cinnamon rolls and declared Child 1 was not to have any. Child 1 took the news every way but kindly.

I didn't get too involved because that just adds to the chaos without actually accomplishing anything. So Child 1 was sent off to get ready for the day.

Yes, as a parent, I still divert and distract when there is no resolution in sight.

If you have been around children much, this scene above is probably very familiar. Oh, well. I wouldn't trade them for anything, of course.


Kal is taller than I am, and Kara is just about there. I guess it doesn't take much for my children to surpass my towering 5'-3" frame. They have tall genes from both sides of the family.


Conversations between my 11-year-old daughter (almost 21) and me go something like this:

  • Kara: "Mom, you look old."

  • Me: "I don't really care if I do."

  • Kara: "You should let me do your makeup."

  • Me: "Sometime. I'm fine with how I look."

  • Kara: "You need a new hairstyle."

  • Me: "I'm fine with how I look."

  • Kara: "You have old-people makeup. You have old-people hair. You have old-people clothes. You have old-people shoes."

  • Me: "Okay, I'm still fine with how I look."

  • Kara: "Are you wearing that out today?"

  • Me: "No, it's just a slip. I'm wearing an actual dress over the top of this."

  • Kara: "Old people wear slips. Don't you have any concealer? You put a gallon of blush on your face. You should let me do your hair and makeup."

Just so you know, this was a conversation in fun, no offense intended or taken.

So maybe I look old to her. I guess that's fine. I am her mother. I used to think old was anybody 30 and over. Now old to me is anyone over 100.

This is me... Old. :)


You never know what a day will bring.

I pulled away to start off on an hour-long drive and ka-chink! Something fell off the bottom of my car, then the car started shimmying and shaking.

I parked it back at home, looked at where my car had been, and sure enough, there was a round metal piece on the pavement. Don't ask me what it was, but it obviously is quite important in the smooth operation of my vehicle.

So, many thanks to Mom and Dad who are lending a vehicle while I take this big white beast to Wonderful Mr. E who fixes cars.

Also, I'm extremely grateful this car trouble happened at home, not when I was an hour or more away. If you don't know me, I drive all over Creation for work and recreation, and God was looking out for me in the timing of this car trouble.

Another day, another adventure!


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