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May Feels Like March in the Midwest

Cloudy day
5-10-2020 in Indiana was as cold as this picture looks

May 10th, 2020 in the Midwest felt like a March 10th. Temperatures in the 40s, blustery winds, gray skies. The red buds and tree leaves were out; that was the only difference.

Today is going to be about the same if the weather app is accurate.

Just for kicks, I look up the weather for Charleston, SC, where some of my family live. They're at 64F right now with a high of 78F today.

That's okay. We're supposed to hit 78F at the end of the week. By then, they might be at 120F. Charleston gets as hot in the summer as a famously undesirable place that starts with "H."

For now, it's a brisk 37F here. No biggie.

We great visits with both sides of the family yesterday.

My sister's husband, Sam, makes the best mint tea I've ever had--and I don't even really like tea! He rubs the mint leaves, which they've grown in their yard, between his palms to release the flavor, but it can't be too much or the leaf becomes bitter.

I'd take a glass of his slightly sweetened mint tea instead of lemonade any day.

We had a Zoom meeting with the family who couldn't come. That's been a nice way to connect Wisconsin, South Carolina, Michigan, and various parts of Indiana.

What you have to do is speak, then repeat the first 5 seconds of what you said. Zoom always has trouble picking up who is talking even when we mute the mike.

Later, at my in-law's, we were greeted by their giant, barking doorbell. He's a great dog--yellow lab--friendly, and doesn't realize how big he is. He's such a part of their lives, I can't imagine them without him.

After all the visiting and cake yesterday, and the cold and wind, curling up in Kris's old robe felt so good. He has a Superman robe. Actually, it used to be a plain blue robe, then I appliqued a Superman emblem on it.

Maybe I washed it too hot, but the robe that used to fit my tall, broad-shouldered husband now feels just right on me except for too-long sleeves. That's okay, though; I know a lady who can fix that.

Realistically, I'll turn up the sleeves and forget for the rest of my life to shorten them.


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