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Math, Bunnies, Waffles, and Snuggles

Waffles for dinner. Yum.

I keep cheater waffles in the freezer for quick breakfasts, usually for Kara. She likes them toasted, and they are a good car food if we're dashing out the door for school.

Yesterday, though, we made real waffles. Flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, milk, oil, eggs. Kara mixed up the waffles, I burned them, and Kal made scrambled eggs to go with them.

Breakfast is always good for dinner.


That's as much as I wrote yesterday.

This morning started out with snuggles with Kal. I'm sure he'll outgrow that one day, but while he still likes it, I have plenty to give him. He even fell asleep again on me.

Someone once told me when Kal was a baby not to hold him too much, that it would spoil him. I knew then I was going to hold him all I could, because one day he'd be too big to hold. I've never regretted one minute of spending time on him or Kara.

I let him nap on me sometimes. I held him at church instead of putting him in the nursery. I walked with him in my arms instead of a stroller as much as I could. I had him on my hip changing the laundry.

Maybe some, or all, of that was impractical, but I don't care. Now I miss being able to pick up my children and hold them.

Now we sit on the sofa and snuggle. I'll take it.

On to the work of the day, starting with setting the house in order--again. That feels somewhat like shoveling while it's still snowing.

Kara's description of Ginger Snap the Fluff Bunny: She's so peaceful. She just destroys everything.

She does peacefully chew on carpet, on shoes, on cardboard, on cords, and anything else she finds. She likes to dig at the basement door. The basement is her favorite place to get lost.

Here she is helping Kara with virtual school today:

Kara and Ginger working together

Another thing: with this math problem for Kara, how is she supposed to guess what's going on in Val's head?

Val forgot to multiply anything at all. Val didn't see the first multiplier. Val just randomly chose an answer. Val can't do math. Val was distracted by her friend making funny faces and messed up her math. Val was daydreaming. Val had a sinus pressure headache and couldn't think or see straight.

Bring back Saxon math. This is just dumb.

With the kids settled in for school, my having enjoyed actual HOT coffee this morning, and the trash out at the curb, I'd say we're off to a winning start.


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