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Life With Glitter and Rainbows

My world is all glitter and rainbows during prom season. Even though we vacuum the shop all the time, the carpet shimmers with what looks like pixie dust everywhere.

At the end of the glitter and rainbow of color is my team and me making each dress fit in all the right places. We all love glitter and beautiful fabrics.

As plentiful as the pixie dust glitter are the thread bits. Threads are everywhere, clinging to clothes and hair, clinging in between the layers of wedding dresses. We pick out those threads as we give the dress the final touches. If you see me walking around the grocery store with random threads hanging onto me, it’s okay. I wasn’t rolling on the floor. It’s just my normal appearance.

Pins are everywhere, too. My kids learned from about two years old to watch out for pins. Now Kal plays with them as you would expect an almost-11-year-old to do: you know, seeing how many layers of dermatitis on his phalanges he can penetrate without drawing blood. He can skewer his skin like an expert now. (I run the steamer over my pins periodically. With all the normal handling and the abnormal handling, a good shot of steam is in order.)

Kara plays with pins by ordering them in neat rows by color.

The kids watched Beauty and the Beast tonight. Well, Kara watched it, exclaiming over all the beautiful gowns. Kal tolerated it by playing a handheld video game and occupying the same room.

Kara and I share the fascination over beautiful gowns in any movie. We look at the construction, talk about the fabrics, critique the fit, and just fly away with our imaginations with the clothes.

Kara’s imagination turns to reality in my shop with the creations she forms on the mannequin. The current fashion is close in style to a skater dress and made from the cut-off portion of a recent prom gown. She is really good at draping!

I’m curious to see where her talent leads her.


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