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Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Enjoyable

You remember the scary coffee I bought a week ago or so because Folger's, and every other normal brand, was gone? It was scary because it was an unknown-to-me brand. I only zone in on the brands I care about; life is just more efficient that way.

Anyway, the scary coffee is not so bad. It's comparable to Folger's. I will be returning to Folger's when this can is empty, though. "New friends are silver; old friends are gold." Folger's is the old friend.

Time at home has turned into time in the yard--if you can even call it that. It's been mud soup for weeks. We're pulling dead branches from the woods that line our property. I want that strip tidy.

Maybe if the kids are misbehaving and need some extra work to work out the misbehavior, I could send them into the woods to rake leaves. It's about as pointless as pumping out the pond in our yard with a turkey baster. Okay, I'm not that mean!

On to the main thought for the day: life doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyable.

And life hasn't been perfect lately.

I can't take appointments at my business, which translates to no receivables at the moment.

Our yard is mud soup.

We found a leaky drain.

Kroger was out of Folger's, and I had to buy scary coffee.

We had to use the fancy square hamburger buns tonight on the hamburgers. If you don't know, that's just a slice of bread. Actually, the stores have buns now, but I wasn't making a stop for one silly item.

Okay, so life is rarely perfect. In fact, the only time it is perfect is when we're looking back nostalgically through pictures thinking of the good ol' days and forgetting the troubles that accompanied those good ol' days.

We can enjoy life right now.

I can't take appointments, but our needs are met. Thank you, Lord.

Our yard will dry out--maybe by August--but it will dry out.

The drain? Kris knows a guy. And we have a sinking fund just for fun house projects like plumbing.

The scary coffee is still full of the caffeine that is the main draw in any coffee. Also, I got to drink it hot today. That's rare.

Bread in place of a real bun is still filling for an 11-year-old belly. I skipped the bread because I really wanted a bowl of ice cream later. I have no regrets.

Time at home has given me time to enjoy walks and bike rides with my children. We've had windows open (when it's over 50F). We've seen all sorts of birds in our yard and on our trees.

We're enjoying the day lilies coming up in our yard. That is literally the only flower we have in our new yard. When we can resurface, I'll go get starts of all sorts of plants from my mom.

I can't normally do any yard work in Spring because I'm so buried in prom dress sewing. So, this year, I'm enjoying some Spring weather!

Life is enjoyable if we just look for ways to enjoy and appreciate all the blessings we have.


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