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Less Makes Room For New

Less makes room for new. I saw this on my friend's kitchen board.

This quarantine business is making room for new ideas, new innovations, new ways of doing business, new joys with our family members, new hobbies, new interests.

The "less" of being forced to stay home or only go to work is the necessity that is the mother of invention.

One friend of mine just started a cooking show on Facebook Live. It's been entertaining; she has all sorts of stories to tell while she messes up her kitchen and the occasional recipe. Now my kids want to cook because of her.

Another friend is blogging consistently about her family's adventures during the quarantine. Writing is something she loves and is good at, and this slow time at home has opened up the door for her to do that.

This is a great time for a temporarily closed business to retool aspects of the business that have become cluttered, or unnecessary, or don't serve customers as well anymore. Out with the old, in with the new. Serve in new ways. Cut the junk. Focus on what the core values of the business are. (I am aware I used buzzwords, and I hate using buzzwords, but they fit in this case.)

Time at home is making me see the junk in the corners--schtuff that I never really thought through as we moved, it just landed somewhere.

I'm able to plan out landscaping more than just a haphazard use of what is already in the yard. Spring time is usually so busy with altering prom and wedding dresses that I really CANNOT think of anything else.

Time off is time take care of the financial to-do list that I had. Most of that is done now.

While I look forward to normal life returning, I will make as much lemonade as possible with this quarantine.

Less really does make room for new.


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