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Laughing in the Snow

The best part of this day was laughing with Kal while we each dodged snowballs during our snowball fight in the backyard. What a grand time getting plastered with snow.

Too often, I'm just the mom, the mean mom, the nagging mom, the bossy mom. Today, I just got to be fun with him, and we both loved it.

Barefoot in snow
Shoes are for sissies

This picture is from part of the fun yesterday. You may wonder if my poor child has adequate clothing for winter.

Yes, my poor child has adequate clothing for winter. It's just such a fight getting him in it, that I don't worry about his quick barefooted trips into the snow to see the effects of hot water poured onto the snow.

Kara had a friend over this afternoon. Little Miss H latches onto our bunny every time she's over here. I love to see her enjoy Ginger Snap. Ginger Snap, so far, endures the attention with patience.

Little Miss H is like a butterfly. She always has been. She flits around here and there, spreading joy wherever she lands. Her demeanor is so calm and peaceful that it seems to spread the calm and peace to others.

The girls put together a gingerbread house. I'll toss that activity with the Sugar Sports theme. Somehow, the little house was changed into Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a bright red gumball as his glowing nose.

Guess where the skylight used to be?

The Bible says to be sure your sin will find you out. The sin here is pretty obvious, though you can't see a thing from inside at all, nor from the outside in non-snowy weather.

Some schmo didn't put up insulation when he took out and filled in the skylight that had been in our kitchen, long before we bought the house.

Sometimes, you just can't fully hide a shortcut.

Well, it'll be something to laugh about every year, each time it snows. And it's a good reminder to do a good job all the way through any project, not just on the visible parts of it.


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