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Keep Cheap at the Dollar Store

Do you choke a little bit when you think about raising your prices? Do you find yourself discounting your sale all the time, because you can't stomach the thought of actually charging what it's worth?

It's okay to charge for your service or product

Money greases life. Employers pay it in return for work. Customers exchange it for goods or services. We use it to buy groceries and pay the mortgage. It is part of life. It is a tool.

Where does the mindset come from that mommies shouldn't charge what they're worth for the work they're doing? I don't see it with my friends, but many crafters have "friends" who want this little favor and expect it for free because the craft comes so easily to the crafter.

I meet women who are afraid nobody would actually pay them a fair price for their service. I used to be one of those women. Not anymore. Life is too short to short-change our families by undercharging for others to benefit from our talents.

Cheap belongs at the dollar store

Having a fair price weeds out those who simply cannot afford the service, or who don't see the value in the service we provide. An ideal customer values your service because it helps them, and they can pay for it.

Stop the race to the bottom of the price chain. It won't help your business in the long run anyway. Cheap easily turns to miserly, and nobody wants those customers.

Go ahead and charge what you're worth in the marketplace. It's okay.

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