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Flowers From a Friend

Smile makers

Closing up a business is bittersweet. I have many long-time clients that I am sad not to be seeing anymore unless we happen to cross paths in the grocery store.

One such lady came today to pick up the rest of her clothes, and she brought flowers along for me. That made my day!

After 8 1/2 years of sewing alterations in the same town, I have come to know several clients fairly well. I've laughed with them and cried with them over the years. It hurts me when I see them hurting in some way.

I will miss them.


On another topic, a former insurance company keeps trying to bill us for a dwelling we no longer own, and haven't for 10 months.

I notified them of the sale when it happened, foolishly thinking that they'd realize we no longer owned the property and wouldn't be paying insurance on it.

Just a few weeks ago when they tried to send the renewal notice, I provided copies of the closing documents. They sent the refund check and a letter stating the policy was closed.

Now we're getting billed for the upcoming year on the house we sold last year. They're on my list today of monkey business to fix.

Sounds like the company itself needs to be fixed.

Times like this make me think of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz singing, "If I only had a brain..." Maybe the insurance company has already adopted that song as their theme song.

Maybe they miss me so much as a client that I should send flowers and a Dear John letter.

Breaking up for good is hard to do.


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