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Kara the Super Girl

Kara said I should write about her today, so here is a composition about her.

Her name is one we liked, plus it's Supergirl's name from Krypton. I have a comic geek husband. I wouldn't have known that otherwise.

She came out grown up, the "junior mom" as she has called herself. She is very good about getting everyone in the right place, being a bit bossy, and making sure everyone has what they need.

I remember her walking at 10 months old and talking early. At 18 months old, she strung together an 8-word sentence that made perfect sense.

Where Kal had a hard time on his first day of school letting go of Mom and Dad (or maybe it was the other way around), on Kara's first day of school, she bounded into the classroom and said "good-bye" without any look back.

She has always been artistic and creative. (Code word for BIG messes.) Glitter, nail polish, girly anything, paint... All that and plenty more is in her room.

Now Kara has been exploring cooking, making all sorts of cookies for us.

I love seeing her grow and learn in the natural talents she has, plus in the interests she takes on and conquers.

I've always called her my flower. That's what she is to me, and she has an irreplaceable part in our family.


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