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Illusions of Relaxation

Pot pie is one of those foods I never think to make until days like today when I have odds and ends of leftover meat and vegetables in the refrigerator. I mixed it all up with some gravy and slapped it into a cheater crust.

Those cheater crusts sure taste second-rate compared to a good, homemade lard crust. Can't beat those. Second-rate crust works when convenience is more tasty than lard.

Of all the things I accomplished today, the thing I wanted most to do is still on the list, waiting to be done, and I find that unspeakably frustrating.

I wasn't sitting around idly thumbing my phone or daydreaming. I was busy all day working around my house, then returning some items to a store one town over, then back here for some grocery shopping. Home to put those away before picking up kids from school. Pick up kids, home to get Kal ready for basketball practice, drop him off for basketball practice. Over to a friend's house for another item on my list for the day. Stay and visit for a bit. We both needed that pick-me-up. Home again for the last time of the day. Make dinner right away, check on some things my sister was asking about, break up the fighting between Kal and Kara...

The day flew by in such a way that I felt as if I were running behind the entire time trying to catch up with it.

But I did pause long enough to enjoy hot, or sort-of hot, coffee both morning and evening.

One of the most addictive elements of coffee has nothing to do with caffeine.

The most addictive element is the illusion of relaxation that accompanies each fresh cup.

Feel the illusion...

Yes, every mom has a fantasy that her world will pause for her long enough to enjoy coffee while it's hot... the first time it's hot, not the fifth time reheating it.


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