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I Love Lemons, and Making Time for What Matters

Lemons in a colander
Lemons (image from

Lemon bars are like mouthfuls of sunshine. A friend gave some to me yesterday, and I've loved every single bite.

I love lemons. My husband said I mumbled that in my sleep early on in our marriage. I don't remember it, of course, but the statement is true. Now we just say it for fun as an inside joke.

I accidentally slept last night. That's actually what we should do at night to refresh our bodies, but I had brought home some work to finish. I set the alarm for very early morning, and here it is almost 8:00 a.m.

One way or another, I get all the work done, sometimes by myself, sometimes with helpers. I guess I'm a little optimistic on what all I can accomplish.

Even though I fall short of the mark I set in my head for what I want to do, I know I get much more finished by shooting for so much than I would if I didn't try at all.

Next week shouldn't be so busy. I say that every week, though. Somehow, the activities of the week expand to fill every available moment.

Writing about this is my way of making a personal reminder to block off white space on my calendar for what matters to me--my family.

I haven't spent nearly enough time with my children this week. We usually have a bike ride or walk every day.

Come hell or high water, we're doing that this evening.


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