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I'd Rather Be Reading

Where do you find motivation--or motorvation as an acquaintance used to say--for washing dishes and laundry when it's a perfect gray, cold, wet day for reading?

I don't know how many times I've had to pull it out of thin air, literally.

The thin air is a phone call to one of my sisters.

Something about talking with her, hearing all the ways she is behind, then my telling all the ways I am behind, gets me up and washing the dishes during the chaos that comes through both ends of the phone call.

Some days feel like an endless cycle of work, done for all of ten minutes until there's more to do. That's just life. Life with family.

Family is messy. Kids need food and attention and food again and more attention and yet more food with some attention at the same time.

Even with some growling on my end (shamefully), my real motivation is love. I love my family.

Love keeps me working for a smoothly running home for my family. It helps me get up in the middle of the night to soothe a child frightened by a nightmare. It propels me to read a bednight story when I'm exhausted because it helps my children sleep better.

It keeps me changing that laundry one more time. Loading the dishwasher one more time.

Plus, I just go nuts when it's too much of a mess.

There is time for reading and rest. (Don't ask me specifically when.) And mine is just about to start. It's still technically Sunday. It's not midnight yet. I will get some reading in!


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