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Hot Chocolate & Laughter for a Snowy Day

My view on a snowy walk

The past two days have looked just like a perfect winter wonderland with snow blanketing every surface. Our children certainly enjoyed both days with sledding.

One child bundles up for the cold; one child wear flip-flops and shorts outside to play in the snow. No joke. It was all I could do to make this second child change into at least some weather-appropriate clothing.

We took a carload of kids to one of the best sledding hills in our town. Half the town was there, and I found pleasant company with another lady I know from our neighborhood while all the kids shot down the hill on sleds or on their bums when they spilled out of the sleds.

Girl, bunny, and snow
Leo leading Kara around at the neighbor's house

We brought Leo the bunny who enjoyed hopping around as far as his tether would let him, exploring the sights to see at the top of the sledding hill.

I made up and packed a carafe of hot chocolate for when everyone needed a beverage break. I was out of cheater packs of hot chocolate so I pull out this trusty recipe, passed to me from one of my sisters, for the best hot cocoa I've ever found. Actually, I haven't looked further than this because it is so good, I don't need more hot cocoa recipes.

The Best Hot Chocolate

  • Cook and stir until boiling: 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, pinch of salt, and 1/3 cup water.

  • Add, heat and stir until scalding: 4 cups milk. (Scalding means that the milk reaches almost, but not quite to, the boiling point. It will burn if it boils.)

  • Add if desired (and you should desire it): 3/4 teaspoon vanilla.

The snow was fun, the hot chocolate was tasty, but what did I love most about the day? Laughter. You don't hear fighting, arguing, or foul speech in a place like this; just laughter and good cheer.

I'd say our town needed this snowy sledding day.


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