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Hitting a Goa_; Christmas at Grandma's

Christmas tree ornament
Pretty Christmas from

One year ago today is when I started this blog with the intention of writing every day. I haven't met that goal. I'm only a little over 75%.

So I have hit a goa_. That's most of the goal, but not all. I haven't earned that last letter yet.

Now, I could curl up in the fetal position and feel like a failure.

Or, I could look at the very likely possibility that without skin in the game (paying for the website and stating my goals publicly), I would have written 1, 2, or maybe even 7 posts, then quit. In that light, 276 posts looks very different than a dismal 75%.


We're looking forward to seeing my grandmother today. The kids are going to Aunt N's during that time.


Fast forward through the day, and it is now close to midnight.

Kris and I spent most of the day with my grandmother. Walking into her house, all the chaos and discord of the world just fall off at the door. In my mind, there is nothing but peace at her house.

We helped Grandma with some of the Christmas decorations and happy lights that still needed to be out for the season, some that stay out all winter. She has always decorated so nicely, and has many meaningful pieces.

Her favorite is the Holy Family crafted in ceramic by her sister, standing a good 12" tall as separate pieces. It sits every year in the bay window of her living room, a serene ivory and baby blue version of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

This set is always the first, and most important to her, to have on display.

In every room, there is some pretty ornament, or wreath, or quilted picture, or happy light, that was given to her by a loved one. Her house is filled with the memories of joy and love from the fellowship of countless family and friends over the years.

I'll never tire of visiting Grandma, nor of her house.

P.S. She also always has 100-year-old Dutch Christmas Cookies. It's actually the recipe that was 100 years old when it was written down, and I have no idea how many years ago that was. It's probably closer to 200 years old by now. That'll be a post for another day.


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