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Hello, This is Becka

I had a sneaking suspicion I was on the phone all day. No wonder. Take a look at the tally of my day:

  1. 26 text threads, not counting 5-10 more I deleted, and each thread for today can easily have at least a dozen interactions, with some threads being more like 50;

  2. 47 incoming and outgoing phone calls;

  3. 17 email threads for work.

And that doesn't count my real estate apps, personal email address, or social media. I'm not big on blasting my life out on a megaphone, so there's not much traffic there anyway. That's fine with me.

For a fun note this week, my desk at the office has been Christmas-bombed by a Secret Santa. Such a loving gesture has made my week! Fun decorations, an apron, a gingerbread house, a mug, a door hanger, a huge stuffed candy cane, a floor mat, a ceramic lighted tree, and lots of other things!

And that's all I can write today before I succumb totally to the massive waves of exhaustion sweeping over me.


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