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Happy Lights

Hummingbird nightlight
Hummingbird nightlight in my kitchen

Happy lights brighten up my day, especially on rainy days such as today, or in the dead of winter when the days are so short.

Kris goes around singing that country song, "Every light in the house is on." I join in, but don't turn anything off. Light makes me happy, and I don't really care what it costs on our electric bill.

Every corner of my house has a light of some sort, what I call a happy light: a lamp, a nightlight, strings of Christmas lights even when it's not Christmas, a wax warmer with a light--anything to take away the darkness.

Even Kal and Kara have joined me in my love of happy lights. Kara has a glitter lava lamp and a disco light that are on either frequently or all the time. Kal has a string of colored Christmas lights in his room. Each child falls asleep better with some sort of light, and when they go to sleep better, guess who else gets to sleep better? Me!

We have lights outside so our house doesn't feel gloomy upon arrival. Our neighborhood is especially dark because there are no street lights. So every night, we turn on our porch light and the lights at the front of the house.

Basically, dark looks dead; light looks alive. We're going with light.

On a related note, I can't stand to have curtains closed during the day. Caves are good for bats, and I'm not a bat.

So, every light in the house is on... or at least, every corner of the house is lit in some way. No caves, doom, or gloom for us.


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