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G Stands For Grateful

It's the end of a very long day.

My main fountain of noise is singing as loudly as possible in the shower. Maybe the soap works better that way. Anything to help scrub the mud off a 12-year-old.


The day started off with an early morning phone call with my friend. One thing she mentioned has stuck to me all day:

If you are open to the good, you will see plenty of good, opportunity, joy, and abundance.

How often do you hear all these, accompanied with the bottom lip sticking out:

  • The little man can't get ahead!

  • If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

  • Nothin' good ever happens to me.

Well, guess what? If that is your driving attitude, it's no surprise when nothing good does happen to you.

Negativity and ungratefulness close our minds to opportunity.

How can we change that?

Start by being grateful. Grateful for another day of life. Grateful for material needs being met. Grateful to be able to see the sunshine, or hear the rain. Grateful for the people around us. Grateful for a job, even if it's not the absolute, perfect bastion of joy that we wish. Grateful for the noise and mess that testify to children filling our lives.

Gratefulness will turn the worst situation into something bearable. It can make a bad day turn into something good.

Gratefulness is contagious.

Gratefulness attracts opportunity.


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