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Filling My Head With Good, and Remembering How to Camp

There will always be bad news, negative news, shocking reports, unbelievable lies, look-at-me stories, and the hub of griping and whining: Facebook.

I like to fill my head with other things. The Bible is first. I try to make that the first media that goes into my head in the morning.

At night, I like to read classic novels and plays. I'm in the middle of Richard III, and even though the main character is a murderous wretch of a king, the story doesn't leave me feeling like I need to clean out my head like most screen media does.

We also have stacks of comic books just for checking out for a bit: Andy Capp, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbs, The Family Circus, The Farside.

Being able to laugh is a vital part of a good life. I caught myself scowling this morning at some made-up story that I fabricated while I worked in the kitchen. Then I stopped and consciously smiled.

I don't want to be a scowling, bitter woman when I'm old, so now is the time to practice who I want to be when I'm older.


Random picture of tent

I hear the kids upstairs getting up and ready for school. They've been excited all week because we're going camping this weekend.

We're not a camping family yet. I did lots of it with my family as we grew up, but the closest my kids know is a tent in the backyard.

Growing up, we never got cheater pancakes (that is, pancakes from a box mix) except on camping trips. Now my kids get cheater pancakes for Saturday morning.

We don't have the Coleman lantern that my dad always fussed with, or the Coleman gas stove. I'll miss those, but the campfire will make up for it.

I'm sure we'll forget something we need. That's okay. Camping is supposed to be a little rough.


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