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Fear Sells Toilet Paper, But My House Smells Lemony-Fresh

I'm weary of hearing about the corona virus at every turn, just as I was weary of all the hype about Russian collusion and the Ukrainian phone call.

Some fear is good. Fear of pain and death keeps us from touching hot stoves and running into traffic.

Some fear is just irrational. When people run around saying, "we're all gonna die!" they're either buying into or selling fear. Fear is a fabulous manipulation tool, and it's far more contagious than any virus around.

Taking precautions against sickness is smart, even in non-election years. I guess I'm surprised that some folks are just now learning how to wash hands and cover sneezes. I thought everyone learned that by the time they went to kindergarten.

We haven't bought more than our normal stash of toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. I'll keep buying normal groceries and supplies as we need them and as they're available.

Enough about that.

I finally am writing at 5:00 in the morning... because I've been up since 2:00. Prom season ensures a different sleep schedule every day. It's also been a factor in why I haven't written for the two day prior to now. Despite the intention I had to get up and write after a quick lie-down after dinner both days, exhaustion overtook me, and I slept. Not sorry at all, though I am still aiming for the goal to write every day.

What have I been doing since 2:00? Taking care of the wreck that happened while I've been working and sleeping. We're (I'm) still working on getting my very able-bodied family members to clean up the kitchen without nagging every single day. So far, nothing is working, and if I don't nag or do it myself, I'm faced with...

Let me change direction here. I'm walking right into complaining. Yes, my family needs to help keep the house clean, but I am thankful for the food we've had to eat and the messy kitchen that shows it.

Otherwise, I have started laundry, swept the floor, paid the bills, tidied up the dump station that doubles as the dining table. Then I took a shower and got dressed for the day. Coffee and the Dave Ramsey Show on iHeart Radio have kept me company during these blessed morning hours when nobody needs me for anything.


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