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Failure Doesn't Have to be Final

I failed to write for ten minutes yesterday. I could list all the reasons the day went the way it did, but those all boil down to excuses. Some days, we just don't get every priority finished.

I did write on Sunday, but didn't post then. It will be posted right after this one. Kal took over my writing that day, literally. I was on the computer typing, and he sat on my lap and started typing. It might seem like impertinence to some, but he really was so interested in writing in that moment that there was no way I was going to interfere. Let him grow that skill. I did have to make him move off my lap. He's big enough to make my legs fall asleep.

I also forgot to pay a bill yesterday.

And I crashed right after dinner, so you can just imagine what the house looks like when Mom doesn't do the final fifteen minutes of straightening up before bed. Yes, we make the kids work, but it's just not the same. Kris had an evening meeting, so he wasn't available for his normal contributions. Anyway, I'll straighten up this morning and start some laundry. (Kara informed me all her fluffy socks were dirty. Fluffy socks are very important.)

Failure isn't going to be my focus today. I can recall those, learn from them, and move on. Failure is only final when we choose to stay there.

On to other things, the coffee is done. The percolator is one of the homiest sounds there is. Purring is what it sounds like. Drip pots just don't do it for me for sound or taste. Drips, drops, and streams of water can conjure all sorts of images, not all pleasant.

Taste is important, too. I'm not talking about covering the coffee with so much cream that it's not coffee anymore. A percolator preserves the flavor of the coffee far longer than a drip pot.

If you don't drink coffee, you just won't understand the fanaticism of coffee drinkers who want just the right cup and want it in just the right cup. Yes, the cup of the day needs to match the mood of the day. Today, it is a bone china cup with bright red poppies printed all around it.

And I'm taking a picture of it. Everybody knows that any blog worth anything has a picture of the coffee the author is drinking while writing.


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