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Eagles Along the Wabash

Eagles Along the Wabash
Eagles Along the Wabash

Kal started out today with a headache, so I stayed home with him while Kris and Kara went to church. On his request, we went for a mosey drive through the countryside.

Anyone who thinks Indiana only has cornfields hasn't been here. We have soybeans, too.

Just kidding. Indiana is full of beautiful lakes in the northern part of the state; the Wabash River with its hills and valleys cuts through north central from Fort Wayne to Lafayette and beyond. The middle belt is very flat and good for farming and tornadoes, and the southern part of the state is hilly with beautiful rock formations and dazzling trees in the Fall.

We live near the Wabash River, so Kal and I started off down River Road at mosey speed. We saw about 15 bald eagles, one of them only about 30 feet from our car! They perch up high in the trees as if they own them--which is technically true. It's a crime to harm one, so if Mommy and Daddy Eagle choose your tree as a nesting place, just learn to enjoy having your new neighbors.

Pipe Creek Falls, Indiana
Pipe Creek Falls

Part of our drive included a visit to Pipe Creek Falls. We sat in the car with the windows down just enjoying the sight and sound of rushing water.

That meandering, hour-long drive was soothing enough to drop the headache to a lesser level, and we arrived home just as Kris and Kara did. Kris lovingly cooked lunch by bringing home Wendy's. It's fine with me! Cross off the "Fill Bellies with Lunch" list item.

Lazy afternoon; grocery shopping; power through the overwhelming urge to take a nap right when dinner needed to be made.

Kal and Kara both were helpful (without being asked!) when I started cooking dinner tonight. They peeled and cut potatoes which I mashed after they were boiled. The texture of the variety I used tonight reminded me of cement just before it sets.

I didn't finish most of what was on my list today. That's fine, though, because this day was full of the rejuvenating peace and quiet that our family needed, punctuated by love and laughs.


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